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2017-2018 Competition Results

Intrigue Alexandria, VA

Duet/Trios and Groups
You Are Enough- Platinum, 3rd overall
Happy- High Gold
Feelin Good- High Gold
The Stuff We Did- Platinum, 1st in category, 1st overall
Here With Me- Platinum
The Aching- Platinum, “Beautiful Storytelling” Special Award
Something More Holy- High Gold
Better Together- Platinum
Eyes Wide Open- Platinum, 1st overall, Junior Choreography Award
Money- High Gold, “Groovy Group of Girls” Special Award”
Awakening- Platinum, 1st overall, Visionary Award, Dance in closing show
Hold Back The River- High Gold, Senior Choreography Award
Girl’s Night- Platinum, Top Senior Score
I’m Done- Platinum
Empathy, Apathy- Platinum

Solos and Scholarships
Addy Bunch- High Gold, Nationals Full Scholarship
Esther Curtis- High Gold, Nationals Half Scholarship
Nora Curtis- Platinum, 2nd in category, 2nd overall, “Beautiful Moments” Special Award, Nationals Half Scholarship
Zoe Hale- Platinum, 4th overall, “Star Quality” Special Award, 5th Improv Junior Competition, Nationals Full Scholarship
Tiffany Morales- Platinum, 1st in category, 6th overall, “Lovely Little Dancer” Special Award, Convention Scholarship
Jessica Behan- High Gold, 8th overall
Claire Klassa- High Gold, 2nd in category, Apprentice Runner Up Scholarship
Avery Bunch- High Gold, “Fun Fun Fun” Special Award, Broadway Dance Center Scholarship
Annemarie Bulmer- High Gold, Inspire Recognition Scholarship
Caleigh Mrowka- Platinum, 3rd in category, 3rd overall, “Pure Passion” Special Award
Isabella Kulstad- Platinum, 5th overall, Year Long Tour Scholarship
Shelby Williams- Platinum, 9th overall, Nationals Half Scholarship
Eva Satre- Platinum
Charlotte Rizzi- High Gold
Penelope Organek- High Gold, 4th Improv Teen Competition, Broadway Dance Center Scholarship
Tomas Weinverger- Platinum, 5th overall, “Potential For Greatness” Special Award, Convention Scholarship
Amanda Cohen- Platinum, 6th overall, “Breathtaking” Special Award
Jana Kalivoda- Platinum, 8th overall, 3rd Improv Senior Competition, True Performer Scholarship
Eleanor Gayle Brademan- Platinum, 10th overall
Joy Gibbs- Platinum, 1st in category, “Light Up The Stage” Special Award, Nationals Full Scholarship
Kimberly Bythewood- High Gold
Emily Kwiatkowski- Platinum
Summer McKinney- Platinum, 1st in category, “Smooth As Silk” Special Award, Broadway Dance Center Scholarship
Bethany Falco- High Gold
Nati Greetham- High Gold
Hannah Fackrell- High Gold
Alex Shaw- High Gold
Dani Guarin- Platinum, 4th Improv Senior Competition, Year Long Tour Scholarship

JUMP Washington, DC

Solos and Scholarships
Zoe Hale Tap Scholarship Winner, Summer Scholarship Winner
Eva Satre- Contemporary Scholarship Winner, Summer Scholarship Winner
Tomas Weinburger- 9th Overall Senior Solo, VIP Runner Up, Regional Scholarship Winner

ASH Tyson’s Corner, VA

Solos and Scholarships
Zoe Hale- Tap Into The Network Scholarship, Apprentice Runner-Up, Entertainment Award for Solo
Nora Curtis- Summer Scholarship, Standout Routine for Solo
Tiffany Morales- Apprentice Runner-Up, “Baby You’re A Pro” Special Award for Solo
Caleigh Mrowka- Apprentice
Eleanor Gayle Brademan- Summer Scholarship, Closing Show Performer
Shelby Williams- Summer Scholarship

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