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Covid Guidelines


TMS Covid Guidelines: Summer Session 2020

To stop the spread and stay current with CDC guidelines, we have made some adjustments to our Summer Session. Dancers in levels 3, 4, 5, or 6 will be part of a Hybrid Mix of classes, alternating between in-person classes and Zoom at-home classes. Combo and level 1 & 2 classes will all be in-person classes at the studio. The exact schedule of rotation will be emailed to families each week.

In addition to this new structure, students are required to bring a yoga mat to every class (except tap), wear a mask at all times, wear dance shoes for every class (sorry, socks don’t count), and use spray/wipes that kill 99.9% of flu/cold germs for their shoes.

All families must sign the new waiver online before returning to class. You can access the waiver by logging in to your Studio Director account: click here.

Still have questions about this new structure? Feel free to take a look through our FAQ’s here or contact us with further inquiries.


What am I required to have in order to take class in-person?
All students must have:

  • A mask
  • A yoga mat (except tap students)
  • Dance shoes (sorry, just socks don’t count) – bring these in a small bag
  • Spray/wipes that kill 99.9% of flu/cold germs for dance shoes

What should I do before I leave for class each day?
Because of several changes at the studio, you’ll want to be sure you do these things every time you are getting ready to come to the studio:

  • Check your temperature. If it’s above 99 degrees stay home.
  • If you’re healthy, be sure you’re wearing your proper dance attire (no changing at the studio).
  • Fill up your water bottle.
  • Clean your dance shoes with spray/wipes that kill 99.9% of flu/cold germs.
  • Pack a small bag with just the shoes you need for the night, your yoga mat, water bottle, and mask.
  • Use the restroom at home since the TMS bathrooms are now for emergencies only.

Will classes be different than I am used to?
We want to keep everything as regular as possible, but yes some changes are being made. Combo and level 1 & 2 classes will all be in-person classes at the studio. For levels 3, 4, 5, and 6, we will have a hybrid mix of in-person and Zoom at-home classes. Each week will rotate – so you’ll be at home on Zoom one week, and in person the next week. (If you prefer to be on Zoom the entire summer just email Nicole@themovementstudiosdance.com to let us know). Because dancers will be wearing masks we are including more breathing time during class and ensuring there is not strenuous activity. Class will also end 10 minutes early to allow for sanitizing and transitions between rooms.

What precautions is the studio taking to ensure everything is staying clean?
A variety of new protocols are being implemented at the studio:

  • Students must sanitize their hands when they enter the studio.
  • All teachers will sanitize hands and have their temperatures checked when they arrive to TMS.
  • Students will be provided with sanitizing wipes to clean their yoga mats after every use.
  • Classes will end 10 minutes early to allow for cleaning of the floor, barres, and door handles.
  • The bathroom toilet handle, sink, and door handle will be sanitized by staff after every use.
  • Students should use toilet seat covers provided in the bathrooms.
  • We will be following social distance guidelines in all the studios, hallways, and outside line up for classes.

How early can I get into the studio before my class starts?
Because we are trying to create one-way hallways to transition between classes, students are asked to arrive no more than 5 minutes before class. If you get to the studio early, please wait in the car until it’s 5 minutes before class. At that time please line up on an “X” outside and wait until a staff person calls you in.

I am a parent of a 5-7 year old. What should I do to be sure he/she gets inside the studio ok?
For our youngest movers, parents should escort their student from car to studio and vice versa. While waiting for class to end, please stand outside by the shed, near the front door. And please be sure to wear a mask!

I am a parent and would like to sit in the lobby during my child’s class. Can I do that?
The lobby is closed until further notice. We ask that all parents wait for their children in their car, or to leave and return to the studio at the end of class. Just keep in mind classes now end 10 minutes early for cleaning.

Can I still change clothes at the studio?
Unfortunately, no. Please be sure you arrive to the studio wearing what you need for all your classes that evening.

Can I sit in the dressing room for breaks?
The dressing room is closed until further notice. If you have a long break between classes (30 minutes or more), please sit in your car or go home and come back. We apologize for the inconvenience, but want to ensure we are following CDC guidelines of social distancing.

Can I sit at the outside picnic tables or benches for breaks?
The picnic tables and benches are closed until further notice. If you have a long break between classes (30 minutes or more), please sit in your car or go home and come back.

I’m not feeling well, or a person in my household isn’t feeling well. What should I do?
If you or any member of your household is displaying symptoms of Covid-19, including fever, shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste, dry cough, or sore throat, please stay home and contact your healthcare provider. Give us a call at (703) 337-2840 to let us know you won’t be in.

I tested positive for covid-19. When can I return to dance?
Dancers who have tested positive for covid-19 should alert the studio immediately. Please quarantine for 14 days before returning to dance.

I am not comfortable returning to in-person training. Can I choose to use Zoom the entire summer!
Yes! Students are welcome to use Zoom for the whole 5-week Summer Session. Just email Nicole@themovementstudiodance.com to let us know!

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