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Movement Pack

We love our TeaMS!

For dancers seeking fun movement paired with musicality, expression, and imagination, our Movement Pack provides access to elite instructors and quality dance education in order to explore the art of dance and keep physically fit.

  • Inspiring faculty: Gain access to some the best the DMV has to offer.
  • Shine on stage: Attend 3 dance competitions each year along with performance at the studio’s annual revue.
  • Express yourself: Along with learning new moves and musicality you’ll gain confidence and new friends!
  • Requirements: 1 ballet class, jazz class, contemporary/lyrical class, strength and stretch class, Movement Pack weeknight block, and weekend rehearsals.

2018-2019 Casting: The TeaMS

Industry Company & Movement Pack

Jessica Behan, Eleanor Gayle Brademan, Annemarie Bulmer, Addy Bunch, Avery Bunch, Amanda Cohen, Esther Curtis, Nora Curtis, Creighton Dunlap, Alexis Evans, Joy Gibbs, Jalen Green, Zoe Hale, Abby Heffner, Jessica Hennigh, Khamari Hicks, Alli Holtmann, Dylan Hurley, Claire Klassa, Olivia Klassa, Isabella Kulstad, Emily Kwiatkowski, Anna Larson, Sade Mapp, Hadiyah Martin, Isabelle Milley, Gaby Minionis, Jailyn Montgomery, Caleigh Mrowka, Penelope Organek, Carolyn Payne, Helen-Grace Phillips, Sammy Pocholski, Addison Prichard, Sarah Rivera, Charlotte Rizzi, Alex Shaw, Amelia Sumangil, Amanda Toler, Noelle Vesilind, Tomas Weinberger, Kendelle Weltzin

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