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2019-2020 Competition Results

Intrigue Washington, DC

Jess Behan- High Gold
Eleanor Gayle Brademan- Platinum, 10th Overall Senior Solo
Annemarie Bulmer- High Gold
Addy Bunch- Platinum
Avery Bunch- Platinum, 1st in Category, 3rd place Improv
Esther Curtis- Platinum, 1st in Category
Nora Curtis- Platinum, 5th Overall Teen Solo
Zoe Hale- True Artist, 1st in Category, 1st Overall Junior Solo, “100% Commitment” Special Award
Abby Heffner- Platinum
Khamari Hicks- High Gold
Grace Johnson- High Gold
Claire Klassa- Platinum, 1st in Category, 9th Overall Teen Solo, “Feel The Groove” Special Award
Isabella Kulstad- True Artist, 6th Overall Senior Solo, “Focus” Special Award
Hadiyah Martin- Platinum
Jailyn Montgomery- True Artist, 1st in Category, 4th Overall Senior Solo, “Crazy Control” Special Award
Penny Orgnek- Platinum, 8th Overall Senior Solo, 4th place Improv
Carolyn Payne- Platinum
Addison Prichard- Platinum
Sophia Smith- High Gold
Charlie Van Gorden- Platinum, “Sweet Smile” Special Award
Noelle Vesilind- Platinum, 7th Overall Junior Solo, 5th place Improv
Sydney Webster- Platinum, 9th Overall Senior Solo, “Future Graham Dancer” Special Award
Kendelle Weltzin- High Gold

Some People’s Lives- Platinum, 1st Overall Junior Duet/Trio
Heartburn- Platinum, 1st in Category, 2nd Overall Junior Duet/Trio, “Heartbreaker” Special Award
Eskimo Tango- Platinum, 3rd Overall Junior Duet/Trio
I Can’t Do It Alone- High Gold
Heroes- High Gold
Torn- Platinum
Looking In- True Artist, 1st in Category, 1st Overall Senior Duet/Trio, Visionary Award Winner, Closing Show Selection

Eleanor Gayle Brademan- Full Convention
Addy Bunch- Full Convention
Avery Bunch- Jr Apprentice
Esther Curtis- BDC
Nora Curtis- Convention
Grace Johnson- BDC
Addison Prichard- Year Long Tour
Khamari Hicks- Nationals
Isabella Kulstad- 1/2 Neovate
Hadiyah Martin- Teen True Performer Runner Up
Jailyn Montgomery- Sr True Performer
Penny Organek- Nationals
Charlotte Rizzi- 1/2 Convention
Jimmy Song- 1/2 Convention
Noelle Vesilind- 1/2 Nationals
Sydney Webster- 1/2 Convention

Platinum Dance Experience Dulles, VA

Grace Johnson- Excellence in Jazz, Opening Number at Platinum Dance Collective Scholarship
Isabella Kulstad- Excellence in Improv, PDE Apprentice
Jimmy Song- Excellence in Improv
Kendelle Weltzin- Excellence in Musical Theater, Opening Number at Platinum Dance Collective Scholarship
Noelle Vesilind- Excellence in Contemporary, Platinum Dance Collective Scholarship
Sophia Smith- Retail Gift Certificate

ASH Washington, DC

Erin Huff- Westsiders Camp Invite
Jimmy Song- Apprentice Runner Up
Kendelle Weltzin- Nationals Scholarship
Sophia Smith- Nationals Scholarship


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