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Due to popular demand, TMS has added a June Zoom Session to keep your dancer moving while staying socially distanced! See below for the full schedule along with our Summer Session Schedule. Click here to find more on rates, policies, and dress code.



Please note all Level 1-6 classes are by placement only. Contact us to help you with class selections! krista@themovementstudiosdance.com (703) 337-2840

Minis – For students who are new to dance and are enjoying their first moves. Minis will explore basic techniques in ballet and jazz, while also enjoying a fun and imaginative class paired with kid-friendly music.
Combo and New Mover – For our younger dancers with 0-2 year experience in ballet, jazz, and/or tap. Students will work on basic techniques, while also enjoying a fun and upbeat class paired with kid-friendly music.
Teen and Teen/Adult – For teens and adults, who are fairly new to dance, or getting back into the swing of things. Students will concentrate on dance fundamentals along with stretch, strength, rhythm, and dynamics!
Level 1 – For our younger dancers who have 1-3 years of experience. Students will work to develop the control, precision, flexibility, strength, and lines necessary for dance, while also enjoying upbeat dynamics and music.
Level 2 – For our intermediate dancers who have 3+ years of experience. Dancers in level 2 will continue building their technical foundation, while working on musicality, flexibility, and strength.
Level 3 – For our intermediate dancers who have 3+ years of experience. Through an emphasis on proper technique, dancers will explore a wider range of movements and style. Classes will focus on placement, control, musicality, and transitions.
Level 4 – For our intermediate/advanced dancers who have 4+ years of experience. Utilizing their technical foundation, students will delve into more complicated moves and musicality, increasing their artistry, control, flexibility, versatility, and confidence.
Level 5 – For our advanced dancers who have 4+ years of experience. Dancers will utilize their strong foundational technique to master advanced steps and combinations, with emphasis on musicality, lines, flexibility, and artistry.
Level 6 – For our most advanced dancers who have 5+ years of experience. Dancers will focus on enhancing their versatility as artists while exploring many different styles within a genre and focusing on dynamics, transitions, professionalism, partnering, and beyond.

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