The Movement Studios serves to sculpt strong, well-versed dancers in a professional, family-focused atmosphere. With classes for students ages 3 up to 18, we offer a multitude of styles for all ages and abilities.


Youth Classes

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Combo Ballet/Tap or Ballet/Jazz (3-7 years)

  • Dancers will explore the basic techniques in ballet and jazz/tap to build a foundation of movement, while also enjoying a fun and imaginative class paired with kid-friendly music.

Ballet (7-18 years)

  • Focused on proper alignment, placement, and technique, our ballet classes will build a fundamental foundation for successful technicians.

Pointe (12-18 years)

  • Prerequisite of four years studying ballet and requires teacher recommendation. Pointe will strengthen ankles while working on classical ballet.

Jazz (7-18 years)

  • Our jazz classes explore an assortment of styles within the genre to include commercial jazz, broadway, musical theater, contemporary jazz, and beyond. Dancers will also work on skills including leaps, turns, and control while building their jazz technique.

Hip-Hop (5-18 years)

  • As dancers build their skills and technique, they will learn the latest in hip hop dance and also enhance their performance quality, freestyle movements, transitions, and musicality.

Boys Hip-Hop (6-10 years)

  • Especially for guys and taught by guys, dancers will build their hip-hop and b-boy skills, while they enhance their performance quality, freestyle movements, transitions, and musicality.

Contemporary/Lyrical (7-18 years)

  • Students will utilize their technique, control, skills, and expression to explore new ways to use the body for story telling and emotive dancing.

Tap (7-18 years)

  • After mastering basic steps and rhythms in tap, students will delve into more complicated patterns and combinations, increasing their musicality, control, versatility, and confidence.

Strength & Stretch (7-18 years)

  • A great class for anyone inspired to build their strength and further stretch their muscles! Students will learn a variety of methods to improve flexibility and strengthen the core, legs, arms, and full body.

Turns & Leaps (8-18 years)

  • By strengthening the foundation and technique for turns, leaps, and tricks, dancers will learn a variety of ways to twist and turn their bodies.

Improv/Composition (8-18 years)

  • For ages 12+, dancers will explore the realm of choreography development through a multitude of different exercises and partner and group projects. Dancers will enhance their body awareness, expression, and musicality through the incorporation of improv in both individual and group exercises.

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