Vera Kudinova is originally from the former Soviet Union. Born in Ukraine, Vera started dancing at the age of five and was selected at age nine to attend the Vaganova Ballet Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia. Following this, she then went on to the School at the State Academy Dance Company of the USSR in Kiev where she took her diploma as a professional dancer. Her first job followed immediately having been chosen as a soloist in the newly formed dance company which was assigned to the Kremlin. When not preforming at the Kremlin, this company toured all over the finest stages of the USSR as well as 17 countries throughout the world. At the same time, Vera had attended the Cultural Educational College where she was awarded a degree in Instructor of Artistic Groups and Choreography. She then went onto attend the one year Russian Creative Studio of Arts (VTMEI) in Moscow where she graduated Magma Cum Laude as a soloist dancer. In the years that followed, working as a soloist, she was awarded the All Russian Dance Competition Stage Honor. Before Vera was chosen to join Mossconcert, a highly selective organization of artists for Moscow stage, she had performed in numerous TV shows and motion picture productions. In 1991, after working in one of the biggest productions in Moscow, “Russians on Broadway,” Vera received a contract to go to Athens, Greece and work in “REX” and “Delfinario” the biggest theater’s in the country. She liked it so much she stayed on and began working in television and theater productions as an assistant chorographer.

At the same time, she started teaching in professional and private schools in Athens and several years later became the director and choreographer for the Traditional Center of Greek Culture on the island of Crete. After moving to the United States, Vera began conducting dance seminars at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and was also a volunteer choreographer for International Week and later a volunteer judge. Vera has been creating choreography for different programs and teaching ballet, character, tap, jazz, and modern dance at the Organic Movements Ballet School and Florida Rising Stars Russian Center in Boca Raton, Florida. Vera has truly appreciated being a teacher for over 27 years in three different countries and cultures and creating chorography the match.


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